A Visual story of Cryptography

Learn about the latest and advanced issues in Cyber-Security

  • chapters
  • To understand the basic concepts and mathematics of AES
  • Block cipher modes of operation
  • To understand how to assess the security of a system and its possible vulnerabilites
  • Understanding nature of attacks
  • To design secure software systems
  • To learn about SSH, HTTPS
  • Understanding Certificates: SSL, SHA

How To Apply - Application Forms

With the application forms below you can register for the course. You may choose to start at any time, the course account access will be provided to you upon receivement of the course fee.

  • Computer Requirements

    The course is web-based, meaning the course does not need to be installed on a local PC, but it can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a web-browser. Some parts of the theory require a flash-player. These are common and can be downloaded for free.


In the current learning age, content cannot be seen separate from technology. The SOWISO Digital Calculus Course offers the best from both worlds. The Course provides a true personalized learning experience for a fraction of the price of a regular textbook.

Correcting homework and (practice) tests is not necessary anymore. Intelligent feedback helps students where they need it. This course provides real personalised learning, even with large groups.

What is meant by 'open answers'?

Open answers in this course are for example calculations, or algebraic expressions. We have a user friendly editor to input the mathematics. (Have a look at the demo!) Apart from this, the course also contains Multiple-Choice and graphical/geometrical questions.

What is this 'Customization' and 'Targeted feedback'?

The software is not only able to see that a mistake is made, but also what that mistake is. The student then receives fitting feedback and tips, so they can continue the learning process with this extra useful information.

Does the course also contain tests?

Yes, for every chapter there is a diagnostic and concluding test on that chapter. The chapters also contain a lot of random practice exercises, which can be made over and over again.

How does this course relate to a MOOC?

A MOOC mostly contains theory, for example as video-lectures. This course mostly contains interactive elements, like exercises and tests, which provide you with feedback on those subjects where needed. This is something a traditional MOOC can never offer.

What kind of hardware do you need?

The course is 'in the cloud'. Meaning, you only need a computer or tablet with internet connection.

Other questions or live demo?

If you have any other questions or need an extensive live demo at your university, please drop us a line.

Can I print out parts of the course?

Yes, a simple click will provide an instance of each chapter, theory page or exercise. We refer to an instance as many exercises are driven by paramters which are set randomly each time the text is rendered, so two instances are very unlikely to be the exact same.


  • Prof. Ayan Mahalanobis

    IISER, Pune
    Research: Cryptography

  • Mr. Prashant Pathak

    Managing Director, Valency Networks


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